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Produced by Devon Allman
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"I heard Jeremiah Johnson on Bluesville, the song was Black and Blue, and the interplay between horns, guitar and vocals set the mood, I instantly loved it! I knew if this band could pull this off live they would steal the festival and THEY DID!

This band is going places and I am proud to say I brought them to the White Mountain Boogie on the East coast FIRST! DO NOT miss the chance to see them live!" - Brad Benton, producer of the 'Boogie", the 2012 KBA Recipient for Best US Blues Festival

"As I am well into my second decade of producing and promoting Blues concerts around the world, it still is a magical experience for me to find an artist who was not on my radar screen and whose talent just knocks my socks off. Such is the case with Jeremiah Johnson" —  Steve Simon, Steve Simon Presents

"The straight-razor selection I went for my show immediately----easily "Brand Spank'n Blue" makes my Top 5 list for 2012." - Tom 'Papa' Ray - "The Soul Selector" KDHX 88.1 FM

"The JJB's "Southern Drawl" off the "Brand Spank'n Blue" release, is my 2012 Song of The Year, and their release "Brand Spank'n Blue" is my #1 top CD release of 2012!!" - Pat Wolfe, KDHX 88.1 FM... in St Louis, MO.JJB on Bluesville
"Jeremiah’s voice is like another instrument in the group and displays a maturity gained from his travels through the Deep South and Gulf Coast.
When these guys got together, genuine music magic happened! Sit in on one set, and you’ll have a new favorite group to follow!"
- Robert Molinary

The proud Winners of the 2011 St. Louis Blues Society IBC Challenge and nominated in the 2012 & 2013 RFT Music Awards Readers Poll!